(Co-design of wine systems that are economical in phytosanitary products)


Technical sheets  : Agronomic solutions alternatives to phytosanitary products


The purpose of the technical data sheets is to help in the choice of the combination of alternatives in the design of economical systems. These sheets define each alternative and present the potential effects induced on the production system by the adoption of the technique (working time, cost, agronomic and environmental effects). This is an idea box: these sheets are to be adapted for each region. When designing the guide, the phytosanitary issues retained as potentially subject to a significant reduction in the use of products are: downy mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis, bunch worms and weed management. The agronomic solutions adopted correspond to those whose effectiveness is at least partially observed to fight against these pests.

The list of solutions selected is not exhaustive, and the files are subject to change. The construction of the practical guide starts on these technical bases for which we have references in viticulture. But the approach is evolving and the technical guide must be able to integrate new technical options in the future, as and when they are considered as validated by the users.

Last change : 04/20/21