Sexual confusion


Procedure  : The principle of mating confusion is to artificially saturate the atmosphere of the vineyard with female pheromones, which will prevent the males from locating the females and limit egg laying.

  • Phytosanitary interests :
    • This preventive method does not require spraying the vegetation. Limited effectiveness in some area

In what conditions ? 

  • Choice of site: 5 to 10 ha minimum of a block
  • Installation and positioning of diffusers in the vineyard: 500 diffusers / ha + wastelands, paths and safety cordon depending on the site environment
  • Population thresholds, control of infestations in generation 1 (G1) and generation 2 (G2) to assess the need for a possible catch-up treatment
  • Choice of product according to the budworm species: Cochylis alone, Eudemis alone or Cochylis (2 generations) + Eudemis (2 or 3 generations)
  • Removal of diffusers, then identical recycling within the framework of collections of empty packaging of phyto products
    (Exemple: Adivalor)

See technical guides for the concrete implementation of sexual confusion according to the regions


  •  Interests of the technique :
    • installation early at the start of the season, off peak
    • quick and easy to install, once for the whole season
    • permanent accessibility of the plots (no re-entry delay)
    • cumulative effect with repeated use
    • this method uses confusion and not insect eradication
    • harmlessness of the pheromone for other auxiliaries
  • Against which pests : Cluster worms; Eudemis; Cochylis


Last change : 04/20/21
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