Spreading and budding


  • Procedure  : removal of non-fruiting branches in the stump head (splitting = disbudding) or on the basis of the trunk of the stump (suckering)
  • Phytosanitary interests :
    • Limit the accumulation of vegetation
    • Limit the onset of late blight epidemics (suckering) 
  • Interests of the technique :
    • Foliage aeration
    • Optimize photosynthesis
    • Limit working time
    • Limit competition with grapevine
    • Facilitate the passage of machinery
  • Induced effects :
    • Limit the development of vegetative organs which constitute sap sinks
    • Aerate the stump
    • Limit grass cover in the row (case of certain mechanical root suckers)
    • Limit the risks of phytotoxicity from systemic herbicides (in the event of weeding under the row)
    • Limit DF leafhopper populations
    • Risk of promoting the development of mites on certain grape varieties due to the dust raised by the scumprous plant
Last change : 04/20/21