Main symptoms


The Botryosphaeriaceae cause on the vine varied symptoms fluctuate depending on fungal species and production areas in the world.

  • Aerial vegetation
These fungi are responsible for many symptoms on the vine: leaf spots, rots on fruits, shoot and bud mortalities, cankers on twigs and trunks, even vascular lesions. Some of them have been studied and feared for many years, for example Guignardia bidwellii responsible for black rot , and Neofusicoccum parvum associated with symptoms of excoriosis . Others, long perceived as saprophytes or pathogens of weakness, have been and / or are now considered to be agents of lesions and cankers on the trunk and twigs.
  • Wood
Longitudinal and sectoral lesions, whether or not starting from wounds (pruning wounds, cracks, epamprage wounds, vascular disorders linked to esca, etc.), are visible in the wood (figures 1 to 4) . Let us add that some of these lesions resemble those caused by eutypia (figures 2 and 3), but without symptoms of stunted zigzag shoots being present on the twigs.
  • Other symptoms
Other symptoms are associated with Botryosphaeriaceae dieback: reduction in vigor, reduced growth of young shoots, leaf chlorosis, necrosis and death of buds, delayed bud break, bleaching of bark or discolorations of twigs. We can also observe alterations on grape berries (figures 5 and 6).
Last change : 04/20/21
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