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Many of the pesticides used in agriculture can cause phytotoxicity to zucchini and squash. If more or less significant damage is sometimes associated with the use of insecticides or fungicides over-dosed or used in mixture, it is those caused by herbicides which are the most frequent and the most damaging because these Cucurbitaceae are sensitive to them. .

Remember that the use of a herbicide on or near a crop is never a completely trivial operation. The risks of causing phytotoxicity are never completely ruled out. Inhibitors of cell division, synthesis of fatty acids and amino acids as well as phytohormones are the most implicated in leaf and root malformations in zucchini and squash Other pesticides, for example insecticides and fungicides used alone or in mixture, substances such as fertilizers , can also be at the origin of phytotoxicities on these Cucurbirtaceae.

Last change : 04/19/21