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Questions to ask


To confirm phytotoxicity, we suggest you ask yourself at least the following questions:

  • Was the previous crop weeded with residual herbicides ?
  • Have herbicide treatments been carried out near your crop ?
  • Did you rinse your treatment equipment wel ?
  • Do you take good care of your spraying equipment (cleaning, calibration) ?
  • Did you use the right product, at the right dose ?
  • Did you follow the recommendations for use indicated on the packaging ?
  • Have you mixed incompatible products or too many products together ?
  • Did the applications take place under good conditions, particularly wind and temperature ?
  • Has manure with straw been brought into the crop ?
  • Are you sure of the quality of the irrigation water, could it not have been polluted by a herbicide in particular ?
Last change : 07/08/21