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Tetranychus  spp.


The mites ( mites ), which are part such as insects, arthropod, belong to the class of arachnids (spiders ). Adults have four pairs of legs, unlike insects which only have three. Several families of mites include plant pest species, the best known is that of Tetranychydae ; these species are commonly referred to as yellow, red or green “mites” or even “spiders”. Note that a few species attack zucchini and squash, including Tetranychus urticae  (Koch) which is the most widely reported mite on these crops. Also called “ tetranic weaver ” ( spider mite ) because of the webs it forms on plants, it is cosmopolitan, common and very polyphagous since it has been reported on nearly 2,000 plant species. It can be responsible for significant damage, even lightning infestations, especially under shelters, this on many ornamental and vegetable crops. Resistance to acaricides has been repeatedly reported in this mite.
Other species of Tetranychidae phytophagous , as well as predatory mites Phytoseiidae , can occasionally be found on zucchini and squash.
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