Aspergillus * niger var. niger Tiegh. 1867
Aspergillus carbonarius
(Bainier) Thom 1916

rots Aspergillus

About thirty species of Aspergillus have been isolated on the vine, and on the grape berries. They are part of the epiphytic flora of the grapes, settling on wounded berries often located in the heart of the clusters and responsible for an rot often black on wine and table grapes.

Aspergillus aculeatus
Iizuka (1953) has also been associated with this type of rot. Let us add that A. niger is occasionally reported in the United States and in Italy as being responsible for cankers on young shoots of vigorous vines.

Certain species of Aspergillus are producers of mycotoxins (ochratoxin A, aflatoxin B1) which are found in wines.

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