Grapevine leafroll-associated virus (GLRaV)


Vine is associated with six viruses all belonging to leaf curl Closteroviridae , including three species found in France: GLRaV-1, GLRaV-2 and GLRaV-3. Note that GLRaV-1 and -3 are subservient to species of the genus Vitis .

This virus is widely present in the various wine-growing areas around the world, in particular because of its dissemination through plant material. GLRaV-1 and GLRaV-3 (genus Ampelovirus ) are also dispersed by vector insects, several species of mealy-shelled mealybugs . The recrudescence of these vectors in certain vineyards causes an extension of the disease, in particular in France: Burgundy, Beaujolais, Champagne, Alsace, etc.

Last change : 04/20/21