Protection methods


Roll-up of the vine, like almost all other viral diseases, is an incurable disease. Any affected vine will remain so throughout its life, with no hope of remission.

The number of measures available to us to control this virus is therefore limited:

  • Use certified healthy plants, which are normally free from GLRaV-1 and -3 viruses. Be aware that several clones of different grape varieties currently cultivated (Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, etc.) are carriers of some of the viruses involved: so beware!
  • Monitor the vineyard in the regions at risk, in order to detect the very first infected vine (s); if in doubt, have the presence of one or more of the viruses associated with roll-up confirmed by a specialized laboratory;
  • Pull out and destroy the very first vines confirmed to be infected;
  • Monitor the sanitary situation of the plot over time, especially if scale insects are present;
  • Consider the application of insecticides in order to limit the levels of vector populations in production areas where the presence of this virus and its vectors has been confirmed and the health situation requires it.
Last change : 04/20/21