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Tobacco necrosis virus (TNV)

The  Tobacco necrosis virus (TNV) belongs to the family of Tombuviridae and gender necrovirus (Figure 1). Olpidium virulentus (ex Olpidium brassicae ) is its natural vector.

- Symptoms

Brown necrotic spots appearing near the veins and may coalesce. Young seedlings sometimes die. On adult plants, the symptoms are mainly localized on the lower leaves.

- Main characteristics

This virus is widespread worldwide. It is particularly prevalent in Europe, but relatively little on salad . It has been reported on lettuce grown in NFT in Belgium; the vector of this virus finds in this production system conditions entirely favorable to its dissemination as well as that of TNV. It infects many hosts in addition to lettuce, in particular vegetable and ornamental plants (beans, melons, cucumbers, carrots, tulips, etc.).

It is more frequently observed on these hosts in glasshouses, in particular on cucumbers cultivated in soil or in soilless. It seems capable of multiplying in the roots of many plant species which help to perpetuate it in crops.

Last change : 04/27/21
Figure 1