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Dandelion yellow mosaic virus  (DaYMV)

Dandelion yellow mosaic virus 

- classification : Sequiviridae, Sequivirus

Although Dandelion yellow mosaic virus (DaYMV) has been reported on lettuce in England, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the Netherlands and Germany, no data are available. details on its actual impact on salad production. It appears that the lettuce mottle virus (Lettuce mottle virus, LMoV), identified in Brazil, is identical or extremely close to DaYMV. This virus was mainly identified on lettuce resistant to LMV still showing a growth anomaly and leaf discolorations (Figure 2).

Given the difficulties encountered in diagnosing this virus, it is very likely that its economic importance on lettuce, such as on escarole and curly chicory, has been underestimated.

Figure 1 Figure 2

DaYMV was identified in Great Britain on Taraxacum officinale as early as 1944 (figure 1). It was isolated, from the 1970s, on lettuce in most countries of northern Europe and also in China.

Numerous isolates, collected in France from field cultures and more rarely under shelter, were found to be very close to DaYMV. Their characterization is underway in order to conclude on their perfect identity.

Last change : 04/27/21