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Trapping cucurbit flies Bactrocera cucurbitae and Dacus demmerezi in Réunion


  • Principle: locally eliminate a significant population of males of these two genera of flies. In this unbalanced situation, the females mate more with difficulty and can lay sterile eggs.
  • Attractive product : cue-lure, which is a specific parapheromone. It is a substance that mimics the pheromones of females of B. cucurbitae and D. demmerezi to attract males of these species. These parapheromones have no effect on other insects.
  • Composition of the trap: the attractant (a piece of plywood impregnated with cue-lure) is placed in a trap from which the flies will no longer be able to escape, such as a plastic bottle. Captured flies die within hours.
  • Recommended density of traps: 20 per hectare, preferably at the edge of the crop.
  • Advantage : possible use in organic farming (no insecticide).



Other examples: 

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Last change : 07/07/22