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Interests and limits


Factors studied

Positive effects


Negative effects

Work organization



- Like all phytosanitary products, traps, attractants and pheromones must be stored at the temperature indicated on the label, in a closed and ventilated phytosanitary room.

- Anticipate the installation of traps.

- Watch out for the passage of machinery if the traps are on the ground.




- Increase in costs for the purchase of products and/or traps which can be compensated by the reduction in the use of insecticides.


No impact.

Product qualities

- Better visual aspect if the trapping was totally effective.

- Less insecticide residues.


- No impact on functional biodiversity because the method is generally selective.

- Reduction in the transfer of pollutants to water and the air thanks to the reduction in the use of insecticides.

Energy consumption

- Reduction because no mechanized intervention, unlike phytosanitary treatment.

Last change : 07/07/22