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Thermal weeding in market gardening


  • Principle: it consists of applying a flame (propane) to the weeds in order to destroy them. From 80°C, the thermal shock causes the plant cells to burst.
  • Advantages of the technique: thermal weeding does not work the soil, it thus limits the germination of weed seeds. It can also be practiced on soil with little drainage and is effective on young plants (cotyledon stage to 2 true leaf stage).
  • Limits of the technique: limited action on more developed broadleaf weeds and very limited on grasses whose bud is protected by a leaf sheath, risk of fire if the technique is not mastered, consumption of fossil energy.
  • Choice of the type of equipment: depending on the surface to be weeded, the crops and the possibilities of investment.
  • Transition period: it is possible to intervene in pre-sowing on quickly rising crops and in post-sowing taken on slowly rising crops to destroy the germinated seedlings after the passage of the seeder.
  • Possible improvements: a refracting plate can be fitted above the ramp to concentrate the heat. It is then possible to reduce the number of burners.
  • Precautions to be taken: ensure that the clamps and pipes are in good condition, avoid weeding in the presence of strong winds.
Last change : 07/07/22