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Interests and limits


Factors studied

Positive effects


Negative effects


Work organization    

- Ensure that the equipment is available in the overseas departments.



- No purchase of herbicides.

- In Guyana it is possible to register with a specific MAE which provides assistance for the purchase of the necessary equipment.



- Investments in equipment.

- Significant labor costs for manual weeding.


- Limitation of runoff by destroying the slaking crust.

- Soil aeration and leveling.

- Reduction of water evaporation from the first centimeters of the soil.

- Promotion of the mineralization of organic matter.

- Promotion of the biological activity of the soil thanks to less use of herbicides.



- Risks of soil compaction.


- Risks of soil erosion for plots, even on low slopes.

Product qualities

- Less herbicide residues.






- Greenhouse gas emissions when using heat engines.


Energy consumption    

- Fuel consumption for the passage of thermal engine vehicles.


Last change : 07/07/22