Methods of protection


  • Use tolerant grape varieties or rootstocks.
  • Respect the planting densities in order to obtain a well aerated vines.
  • Control the vigor of the vine:
    • Choose a poorly vigorous rootstock;
    • Control fertilization, especially nitrogen, reduce it if necessary;
    • Enherber. 
  • Modify the microclimate of the plant cover and the cluster
    • Ebourgeonner;
    • Remove leaves from the fruiting zone;
    • Manually or "physiologically" thin out the bunches.
  • Minimize wounds on berries as much as possible.
  • Control the other diseases and pests of the vine at the origin of various injuries.
  • Eliminate sources of inoculum such as canker-bearing wood and dried stems.
  • Avoid irrigation by sprinkling.
  • Eliminate the first diseased organs.
  • Eliminate plant debris during and at the end of cultivation.
  • Do not work in the vineyard when the plants are wet.
  • The implementation of chemical protection is not necessary in France. This fungus seems to be controlled by the side effects of the treatments carried out in particular with regard to Botrytis cinerea and powdery mildew .
Last change : 04/19/21