Pilidiella diplodiella * (Speg.) Crous & Van Niekerk

Rot blanc 


This fungal disease is widely distributed throughout the world, where the grapevine has been established and cultivated; it is particularly described in Europe where it was observed for the first time in Italy in 1878. The white rot has been known in France for several decades, but no longer seemed to appear in the vineyard, except in the Rhone Valley in the middle of the years 90. Cluster symptoms have been observed occasionally in recent years, for example in Bordeaux and the south of France: therefore vigilance!


Somewhat systematically linked to damage hail , and various injuries, it seems that white burp can occur without this climatic stress occurring.


* Classification : Schizoparmeaceae, Diaporthales, Sordariomycetidae, Sordariomycetes, Pezizomycotina, Ascomycota, Fungi 

Synonymes : Coniella diplodiella (Speg.) Petr. & Syd., Feddes Repert., Beih., Sacc., Coniothyrium diplodiella Syll (Speg.) ., Phoma diplodiella Speg., Etc.


Last change : 04/26/21