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Sigatoka symptoms on tomato



  • Organs attacked :
Leaves Rod 
  • Symptoms :
    • Initially, pale yellow spots appearing on the upper leaf surface (Figure 1).
    • Subsequently, they expand and take on a more marked yellow hue, and have a diffuse outline. They end up becoming superficially necrotic.
    • A velvety black mast dots the blade first on its underside, then on its upper side (figure 2).
    • The extension of the spots and their confluence can lead to the necrosis and drying out of more or less leaflets and leaves (figure 3) which will remain in place on the plants.
    • The petioles, stem and peduncle of the fruits could be colonized.
  • Signs : a sporiferous down that is initially white, gradually turning black as sporulation progresses, covers the lesions (figure 4). This is made up of more or less brown, partitioned conidiophores bearing subhyaline conidia with several partitions.


  • Affected production areas :
Mayotte New Caledonia 
  • Pseudocercospora and Cercospora spp. reported on tomato : classically Pseudocercospora fuligena (Roldom) Deighton 1976, but also Passalora lycopersici (MA Salam & PN Rao) Kamal (ex. Cercospora lycopersici Salam & Rao), and Cercospora lycopersicola Bhartiya, Dubey & Singh .
Last change : 05/05/22
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4