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Main symptoms


The first symptoms of transmitted cucurbit ( aphid- yellows virus Cucurbit aphid-borne yellows virus , CABYV interveinal ) are usually manifested by the development of yellow plaques on older leaves 3 to 4 weeks after inoculation with the aphids. Then, gradually, this yellowing spreads and affects several leaf stages at the base of the plants, some leaves being able to turn completely yellow, with the exception of a few islands of tissue whose green color persists. Significant differences in symptom intensity are observed depending on the season (symptoms are clear in summer and more discreet in winter), but also depending on the stage of infection and varietal susceptibility.


Symptoms of yellowing and thickening of the leaf blade are seen on leaves older zucchini (Figure 1). The number of leaves affected varies depending on the variety and the precocity of the infection.


production Fruit does not appear to be affected by CABYV in zucchini.

Last change : 04/19/21
Figure 1