Final diagnosis


 <b>Aphids</b> on eggplant leaf.
 <b>Aphids</b> on eggplant leaf.
 <b>Aphids</b> on eggplant leaf.
 <b>Aphids</b> on eggplant leaf.
<b> Winged aphid (1) and wingless aphid (2) </b> (Koppert company).
The <b> green peach aphid </b>, <i> Myzus persicae </i>, is a globally dispersed and important pest on tomatoes, but also on cucumbers, potatoes and tobacco. Wingless individuals are smaller than adults and vary in color.
<i> Aphis gossypii </i>, the <b> cotton aphid </b>, is very common on vegetable crops, especially on cucurbits and malvaceae.  Worldwide, it likes hot regions.  It changes hosts during its cycle, depending on the country and the strain.
The <b> green potato aphid </b>, <i> Macrosiphum euphorbiae </i>, is found on various vegetable (eggplant, potato, lettuce, tomato, etc.) and ornamental (rose , chrysanthemum ...).  Adults are quite large (measuring up to 4mm) and pink or green in color depending on the biotype.
<i> Aulacorthum solani </i>, the <b> foxglove and potato striped aphid </b>, particularly appreciates the latter solanacea but also lettuce, peppers, eggplant and beans.  The adult is green in color, its head and thorax are dark.