Genetic anomalies *, chimeras


  • Organs attacked  : leaves, fruits, stems.
  • Symptoms :
    • Leaf discolorations affecting one or more leaves: contiguous yellow to white sectors, more or less extensive, are visible on the blade (figures 1 to 5);
    • Discolorations sporadically affecting the stem and fruits;
    • Leaf development leading to a more or less marked deformation of the blade (figures 6 to 8).
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  • Cause : local malfunction of limbus tissues, chlorophyll synthesis is more or less inhibited. This genetic anomaly must be regarded as a curiosity without consequences for the culture. In fact, in the majority of cases, a very small proportion of plants are affected. It is to be classified under physiological diseases.
  • Diagnostic clues :
    • In the majority of cases, one to a few plants are affected;
    • Symptoms normally appear early, and only in the cultivated species;
    • The expression of symptoms of certain genetic diseases can be influenced by temperature and / or the genotype cultivated.
  • Possible confusion : virus or phytotoxicity in particular. Note that this condition is in no way transmissible to surrounding plants.
  • Remedies :
    • No specific action to be taken;
    • Eliminate the affected plant if you wish.
Last change : 10/14/21
  • Author :
  • D Blancard (INRAe)
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