Eggplant powdery mildew


Several powdery mildew have been reported on eggplant around the world with varying degrees of severity. In fact, the situation of the fungi in question is rather confused because many identifications were carried out starting from morphological criteria which were not always sufficient to characterize with certainty the studied fungi. Molecular tools allow and will allow to see more clearly over time.

What is certain is that at least two types of powdery mildew attack eggplant:

  • One to several essentially "ectoparasitic" species that we have grouped together in the external powdery mildew (s),
  • A species referred to as internal which is now considered a group of species, named Leveillula taurica .

It is two types of powdery mildew have been reported occasionally in Europe. In France, they do not seem to have an impact on eggplant crops, unlike other Solanaceae, such as tomatoes and peppers.

Last change : 10/12/21