Protection methods

As in the case of virus diseases, there is no control method making it possible to control phytoplasma diseases during cultivation. Note that young infected vines can die during the first years of cultivation. Vines affected by blackwood may also recover in the years following the expression of the first symptoms. We speak of remission if the vine does not show any symptoms during the 2 years following the manifestation of the disease. This phase can be followed by a relapse. On the other hand, when no symptoms have been observed after 3 to 4 production cycles, there is generally no relapse and one then speaks of recovery.

  • Pulling up diseased plants is of little use for at least two reasons:
    • very often, when the first diseased plants are observed, most of the contaminations have taken place and the vector insects have often left to visit other plants;
    • on the other hand, the diseased vine (s) do not constitute sources of propagation.
  • Carefully weed nurseries, plots and their surroundings (edges of hedges and paths ) in order to eliminate weeds which are reservoirs for phytoplasmas in particular (bindweed, nettles, passageways).
  • Do not carry out insecticide treatments because the presence of vector lighthoppers on the vine is furtive and unpredictable.
Last change : 07/08/21