Description of the insect

  • Empoasca vitis in the stage adult is light green in color and elongated in shape. It is 3-4mm long, and it has wings longer than the body, translucent with green veins. It moves and flies quickly.
  • The eggs hyaline are laid in leaf tissue completely spread out along the main veins. They are elongated in shape and are approximately 0.7mm long. They are very difficult to observe.
  • The larva hatching passes through 5 larval stages differentiated by the size and shape of the individuals as well as the development of the wings. The first instar larvae are white, small, and do not have wings. During the successive stages, the larvae turn green, sometimes reddish, and present outlines of well-developed wings from the penultimate instar. They move quickly "crab" (obliquely) and are located on the underside of the leaves.

Note that the larvae of should not be confused E. viris with those of Zygina rhamni (Italian vine leafhopper, figure 6).
Last change : 04/20/21
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