Methods of protection


  • Avoid excessive nitrogenous manures.
  • Be careful during high temperatures and dry climates favorable to the development of this mite.
  • Promote the installation and development of natural predators that are harmless to the vine, such as Typhlodrome mites ( Typhlodromus pyri for the Atlantic and the northern regions) and coast Kampimodromus aberrans for other regions. These predators allow natural regulation of the population of P . ulmi .
  • Use acaricides in case of heavy infestation ( e-phy ), in spring when there are more than 70% of leaves colonized by mobile forms of the mite, and more than 30% in summer. However, be sure to use neutral or slightly toxic products on natural predators.
  • Burn the pruning wood that houses the winter eggs.
  • In winter, count the buds occupied by eggs; if the infestation is heavy, it is possible to initiate an early treatment in the spring during the hatching of winter eggs.
Last change : 04/20/21