Eupoecilia ambiguella (Hübner 1796)


Vine moth


Eupoecilia ambiguella , commonly known as Cochylis, is one of the budworms most commonly found in European vineyards. This insect belongs to the major pests of the vine and it requires constant monitoring and control.

The cochylis appreciates cool and humid environments. It performs several generations per year. In our climates, like many insects, grape berry moths show winter diapause. The trigger for diapause is the reduction in day length. Note that the cochylis is multivoltine (several flights in the year) and its diapause is optional.  

Classification : Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Tortricidae
Synonyms : Clysia ambiguella, Clysiella ambiguella
English : denomination Vine moth

Last change : 04/26/21