Calepitrimerus vine (Nalepa 1905)

Rust mite of grape vine


This mite, subservient to the vine, is the cause of the acariosis of the vine which has been present in France since 1950. This pest is rife  throughout our territory, especially in the northern areas where bud break is more difficult at the beginning of the season , rarer in the South . C. vitis is part of the order Prostigmata, and the family Eriophyidae. It is especially damaging for young vines which are more sensitive than older ones.

Classification : Animalia, Arthropoda, Chelicerata, Arachnida, Acari, Eriophyidae
Synonyraes : Phyllocoptes vine grape Epitrimerus
English name : Rust mite of grape vine

Last change : 05/04/21