Periods of onset of symptoms on the vegetation of the main pests

 Phenological stages       

The fly
Xiphinema index
Drosophila spp. Scaphoideus titanus
A - Winter bud          
B - Cotton bud          
C - Green tip          
D - Leaving the leaves          
E - Spread leaves          
F - Visible clusters          
G - Separate bunches            
H - Separate flower buds            
I - Flowering            
J - Fruit set            
K - Green peas            
L - Closed bunches          
M - Veraison          
N - Maturity          
O - Aoûtement          
P - Falling leaves          

  = Appearance of leaf damage
                    = Appearance of damage on inflorescences
  = Appearance of damage on bunches


Last change : 04/19/21