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Main symptoms

Infected salads show quite a variety of symptoms. The young leaves of the heart may be affected first. They are chlorotic and only partially develop. In addition to being small in size, they are twisted and coiled.

When the attacks take place on already well-developed plants, there is a chlorosis of the young leaves as well as a marginal necrosis of the blade . Thick axillary buds sometimes develop in the heart of the vegetation. The leaves on the crown also turn yellow and are deformed (often smaller, curled).

Of latex deposits , pinkish to brown, are visible under the veins of diseased leaves. Intense necrosis of the phloem can be seen.

If infections occur early, the lettuce remains dwarf, while their outer leaves turn yellow. If they take place late, only latex deposits are visible on some leaves. In many cases, the head does not take place and therefore the salads are not marketable.

Symptoms described in Italy involve reddening and deformation, especially on lower leaves. These are also thicker. There is also an absence of head, an intense necrosis of the phloem and dwarfism, making the plants unmarketable.

Last change : 04/29/21