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Take part in Tropilég!


Constituting an exhaustive database on diseases and pests of tropical vegetable crops is a colossal challenge that can only be made possible by the help of many contributors.


This first version of Tropilég is the result of a core of contributors who will of course continue to improve its content, in files and photos, but who will certainly not be able to cover all the necessary resources. Also, users of this application, if you have some beautiful photos, documents that could enrich this database, and you want to participate in this collaborative project *: join us!



  • Dominique BLANCARD
  • INRA - UMR 1065 SAVE (Vineyard Health and Agroecology) 71, avenue E. Bourlaux, CS 20032 Zone D - building D2 - 33882 Villenave d'Ornon Cedex
  • Email: dominique.blancard@inrae.fr


* Your documents will be validated by our experts before being integrated into Tropilég; then, according to our needs, they will be gradually used by associating them with your name and that of your organization to which you belong if necessary. More formal collaborations with other public or private organizations are also possible.

Last change : 07/25/22