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Adoretus versutus* (Harold, 1869)

Rose beetle


  • Polyphagous beetle insect of the Scarab family native to India and Sri Lanka. It has become a pest with its various introductions to the Pacific Islands.
  • Adults are approximately 1 cm in length. They are stocky in appearance, brown in color and completely covered with hair.
  • Listed on more than 40 plant species: yam,


* Aderotus sinicus is also present in French Polynesia.


  • Sensitive botanical family (s)
Convolvulaceaes Dioscoreaceaes


  • Affected production areas :
New Caledonia French Polynesia


  • Organs attacked

 Symptoms, damage

  • Symptoms :
    • Leaves eaten mainly by adults which feed on the blade. This is cut, perforated more or less regularly, the veins sometimes remaining in place and giving the leaves a riddled or lace appearance.
    • Impact on the crop mainly caused by the decrease in the functional leaf area, this is highly damaging for yam production.
  • Signs : Presence of adult insects on plants and in the crop (figures).
  • Possible confusion :


  • Development cycle : lasts 80 to 120 days depending on the country. It includes 3 development phases: 3 larval, pupation and adult stages.
    • Larvae developing in the soil on the roots of poaceae.
    • The adults emerge from the ground after pupation for aerial activity. They are rarely observable during the day, they have an essentially nocturnal activity.


  • No protection methods are currently available, apart from perhaps installing  canvases  insect-proof in the nursery, on the rows in the open field when planting, and at the openings of shelters when climatic conditions allow it.
  • Several alternative solutions are being studied and should provide solutions in the long term:
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