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Symptoms calabash


  • Organs attacked :
Sheets Fruits Rod


  • Symptoms :
    • All aerial organs can be affected.
    • Spots with first moist then chorotic lesions (figures 1 to 3), rather circular, browning and progressively becoming necrotic. Large sectors of the blade sometimes affected.
    • Presence of a translucent halo, then yellow rather marked and extended around the lesions (figure 3), the internal tissues being able to decompose and fall giving the limbus a riddled appearance.
    • Longitudinal cankerous lesions on stems and petioles, slightly depressed, moist then beigeish in color (figure 4), sometimes with the presence of brown exudates.
    • Circular spots on fruits, dark to blackish in their center, reaching the internal tissues.
  • Signs : presence of numerous black pits, stroma, and salmon pink gelatinous masses, acervuli producing numerous spores and materializing the asexual reproduction of Gloeosporium orbiculare . Note that these fructifications are sometimes arranged in concentric circles, that a white mycelial felting is sometimes visible on the lesions, and that they can be observed on all the affected organs.
  • Possible confusion :
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  • Affected production areas :
Last change : 04/28/22
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4