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Symptoms on tomato  


  • Organs attacked :
Leaves flowers Fruits Stem


  • Symptoms :
    • Small fatty and translucent lesions appearing randomly on the leaflets or at the edge of the blade, evolving into circular or slightly angular brown to black spots, 2-3 mm in diameter, and sometimes surrounded by a yellow halo (figures 1 and 2). Their center dries out, and the degraded tissues can end up falling off.
    • These spots can extend and merge, altering large sectors of the leaf blade which eventually necrotic and dry out. Strongly affected leaves turn yellow, dry out.
    • Comparable but often more extensive lesions on petioles, stem, peduncles (figure 3) and sepals.
    • Falling flowers.
    • Greasy, dark green to black lesions on green fruits giving rise to corky, raised, cracked pustules up to 1 cm in diameter. A fatty halo sometimes surrounds them (figure 4).
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  • Signs : no visible signs on the altered tissues.
  • Possible confusion : damage caused by hailstone impacts.
  • Production areas affected :
Mayotte Reunion New Caledonia


  •  Xanthomonas sp. reported on tomato : X. vesicatoria , X. gardneri , X. perforans , X. euvesicatoria , X. campestris pv. raphani
Last change : 07/07/22
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4