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Pre and post-cyclonic recommendations


  • Definition and role in the reduction of phytosanitary products : the respect of "good agricultural practices" makes it possible to reason the use of chemical inputs, in particular thanks to preventive cultural practices, the aim of which is to place the cultivated plants in the best position to resist all of their bioaggressors and to limit their appearance and development.
  • Against which pests? Diseases and pests.
  • On which crops? All tropical crops.
  • When ? At the time of the announcement of the passage of a cyclone and after its passage, when the alert is lifted.
  • In what conditions ? The plots must be evacuated as soon as the notice of passage to red alert is given. It is then necessary to wait for the release of the alert level (purple in the West Indies, red in Reunion and Mayotte) before going to the farm.
  • Regulations : none.
  • Working time : variable depending on the crop and the damage caused by the phenomenon.
  • Compatibility of alternative techniques with each other : in addition to all other techniques and prophylactic measures
Last change : 07/07/22