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Soil biodisinfection


  • Definition and role in the reduction of phytosanitary products : introduction of service plants into the cropping system (in rotation or in crop association) that are not hosts to the target pests and/or have the property of reducing the development of certain diseases or certain pests telluric.
  • Against which pests? Nematodes, symphyla, bacterial wilt ( Ralstonia solanacearum ) and weeds (by competition for light or by allelopathic effect).
  • On which crops? Banana, pineapple, market gardening (solanaceae and cucurbitaceae) in open fields and in greenhouses.
  • When ? Before, during or after sowing (planting) the cash crop.
  • In what conditions ? It is necessary to finely grind the service plant to facilitate incorporation, but it can also be used as mulch and left in place on the surface of the soil.
  • Regulations : none.
  • Working time: increase in the working time to be expected for the establishment, management and harvesting/destruction of service plants. If the latter are intercropped with the cash crop, their presence can increase work times.
  • Compatibility of alternative techniques with each other :  



Last change : 07/07/22