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In addition to the previously-described pests, potato crops can be damaged by a large number of polyphagous Arthropods, including numerous insects (subphylum Hexapoda) of the orders Coleoptera, Diptera and Lepidoptera and some myriapods (subphylum Myriapoda).


These arthropods often have a wide host range and the potato is not usually their main host but locally, the potato crops can be damaged on the leaves, the stems and sometimes the tubers, to a varying degree according to the level and time of infestation.


Some insects are involved in the transmission of viruses.


Unlike insects which have three body sections and three pairs of legs, myriapods (millipedes and centripedes) have numerous body segments and many legs. Centripedes have fewer legs than millipedes and have only one pair of legs per body segment, their hind legs extend backwards and they move rapidly.




Although frequent, myriapods do not usually cause significant economic damage to potato crops, except in the case of heavily infected soils.

Last change : 06/27/17