Final diagnosis

Cercospra spp.

Numerous necrotic spots dot the lower leaves of this eggplant plant.  <i>Cercospora</i> sp.  (cercospora)
On this eggplant leaf, the brown lesions are rather delimited by the veins.  Their center has disappeared giving the blade a riddled appearance.  <i>Cercospora</i> sp.  (cercospora)
The necrotic spots are rather circular, and have a browner border.  A yellow halo surrounds them, while the decomposed central leaf tissues fall.  <i>Cercospora</i> sp.
This eggplant leaf is covered in small brown lesions.  <i>Cercospora</i> sp.
On this chlorotic eggplant leaf, there are small brown lesions with a lighter center.  <i>Cercospora</i> sp.
Detail of young necrotic spots on the upper side of an eggplant leaf.  Note some discreet concentric patterns.  <i>Cercospora</i> sp.
Detail of young necrotic spots on the underside of an eggplant leaf.  <i>Cercospora</i> sp.
Aspect under the light microscope of a cluster of conidiophore of <i>Cercospora</i> sp.  There are also some elongated and septate conidia.
Light microscope detail of the elongated, septate conidia of a <i>Cercospora</i> sp.  observed on eggplant leaf.